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Strategic Returns

Adar Property Group

Managing Assets with Expertise

Adar Property Group is a real estate investment firm that specializes in acquiring multifamily properties throughout the U.S., with a focus on the Southeast, Eastern, Midwest, and Texas regions.

The overarching goal at Adar Property Group is to provide investors with immediate and significant return on each investment and to deliver an instant cash flow to our partners. Our amazing track record for consistently and successfully delivering high returns allows us to stand out in a crowded market. We focus on the preservation and appreciation of investment capital, and move swiftly to return the initial capital to our partners.

We work to find unique, off-the-radar deals and opportunities in the secondary and tertiary markets that guarantee long-term capital appreciation through strategic upgrades, carefully managed expenses and hands-on operations. We focus on our value-add strategy by looking to incorporate top-tier amenities, significantly raising the level and class of each property. The result? Highly upgraded properties, streamlined operations, and satisfied tenants, creating a significant boost to the bottom line and capital appreciation of our partners.

Our Mission

I love my place here they look out for everyone that come in we have a great manger here.

Andrew C.

The apartments are taken care of very good. The office staff is awesome.

Melinda L.

The staff is good they take care of there residents. Maintenance requests are handled promptly.

Michale J.

I was interested in this apartment because it is one of the most affordable in Odessa. With that, I expected lower quality services, management, etc. This has not been the case. The apartments recognize they had a “bad rep” years ago and genuinely are trying to clean that up. Everything is reliable and if you have a problem it is fixed quickly. All of the staff is so nice and I have no complaints! My neighbors are quite and nice and I feel safe here.

Kayla F.

Transforming Properties. Delivering Returns.